The latest issue of Nature carries a news feature about the Centre for Science and Environment, and its success in five focus areas, namely,  air pollution, climate change, water management, pesticides and poverty eradication:

How often does independent research change laws as well as minds? A lobby group in Delhi is forcing the Indian government into new regulations. Apoorva Mandavilli meets its leader.

The accompanying Nature editorial takes a much broader outlook. Since

Good policy decisions on science and the environment require sound contributions from official bodies, pressure groups, the media — and scientists themselves

it suggests that Indian scientists

…should instead look at themselves, and ask if their public influence is commensurate with their own expertise, and with the ever-expanding scope and scale of scientific and environmental policy debates in India.

It also indicates the need for official societies, quasi-official leadership, unofficial multi-issue interest groups, voluble individuals and agenda-driven outfits. One couldn’t agree more!