My fellow SwayamsevakI’ve just joined the RSS. Virtually on their Orkut group. Yes, the RSS has an Orkut group (15,000+ members).

Why did I join? Because Manoj left this message on it’s message board:

“Urgent-Christian Crusader threatens to sue Hindus”

Then he had an after thought. A minute later he sent out this message:

“no foul language
Avoid the word RSS (inshort dont relate RSS there)”

Why Manoj? Why are you sacred of mentioning RSS? I’m one of your comrades swayamsevaks now. Please let me know my I should aviod the term RSS in attacking the crusader?

Are you really an Swayamsevak? Or just an Orkut Swayamsevak?

Did you even read my post? Or did you just imagine that I’m out there sue “Hindus”.

You are a disgrace to the RSS, I’m ashamed to have a fellow Swayamsevak like you.

I think you main problem is lack of attention. Enjoy your fifteen minutes for fame.

Note: If you are new to the Mutiny and wondering what the fuss is all about, please get updated here and join the party.