There was this video I found on the The re-emergence of Sarika. Its worth a see if you want to know about Sarika. I hear she is slated to pick up a national award…well, she certainly deserves it. I liked her performance in Parzania…a film that was released on 26th January this year (a delayed release). After I saw it I wondered why I had not noticed Sarika in her earlier films. Suddenly I wanted to know about the roles she had done before and then I realised why I had not noticed her. She usually played the glamour doll. The video gives her brief history in Bollywood (she started off as a child star) and ends with an interview. I needed this re-cap as the only memory I had of Sarika was that she had green-eyes, a good figure, was not a very good actress and was married to the great director and actor Kamal Hassan (her second marraige). She never really made it in Bollywood and often became the ‘bad girl’ instead of the heroine. Then I read about her divorce from Kamal Hassan and then she seemed to disappear from public view.

Until Parzania. What a sea change from her old self! I loved Sarika in Parzania. In fact I could not believe it was Sarika. She looked completely different. And acted superbly. Not only did she look the part of the middle class Parsi mother of two children that she played, but she was dignified in the suffering she portrayed in her role of a woman who lost her son during the Gujarat riots. If I am not mistaken this particular scene is one in which she is running from her rioters, but turns back to see that they have got her son. Even during normal times her love and attachment to her husband and family was evident in her eyes. No overacting there, just quiet strength. Hope we get to see more of Sarika…sometime soon.