An eventful week for The Great Indian Mutiny.

Polite Indian started off the debate about the implementation of the Uniform Civil Code and why some religious groups are opposing the move.

Nita pondered on What do Indians think of India? and pointed out why outsourcing is one industry where India is far ahead of China. Relax India, China is no threat! At least not yet.

On the education front, she also feels there is something fishy about the steep fee hike in Medical colleges in Maharashtra

Suhit leaves a cautionary note on India’s economic growth with reference to the Economist cover story about the overheating of the Indian economy. Garbage may be gold for some, as he told us later during the week.

Is 2040 a realistic time for Eradicating Poverty in India as suggested by Finance Minister P. Chidambram? Cakerfare gave us an update.

Swetha reflects on the disturbing trends in employment sector when age becomes a burden over experience and explored the Mother of European Languages – Sanskrit.

Woke went in the trail of the Nirma Girl and dug out some ‘hidden features’ of the Apple iPhone India Edition.

Chacko has a clear message to the folks who says India is under threat from Christian aggression and clarifies on what NRI really stand for.

Ujj reveals the shocking state of affairs of the Chhara community who are branded criminals the very day they are born. Are 8 % of us are born as criminals?

Stay tuned for more next week!