There isn’t much you can do to help those who think their penis is smaller. They will always be insecure. They won’t come out and say it but you can make out they have a ‘problem’ by their behaviour in other issues.

My friends at seems to have the same problem. They spend their after work hours and weekends telling the world how they Christians are taking over India. Through Aggression. Oh! and I almost forgot, our friends do this from their homes in the United States of America.

Think of the irony, these losers left India for the US, gave up their Indian nationality and now is involved in a crusade to save India from the Christians. Just so that they don’t upset their host country, they have the following disclaimer on their website,

“Note: The views expressed on this site are those of the respective authors and not necessarily those of this website. This website holds the Christian faith in high regard and is in no way anti-Christian. Rather this website is opposed to the aggression practiced under in the name of Christianity.

Right. You name your site and you claim that you are “in no way anti-christian”.

What exactly are you losers worried about? That 2.3 per cent of Indian’s Christian community will take over the Red Fort in Delhi? Is that why you left India and took up citizenship of the US?

So to my American friend with a small problem, sitting somewhere in Scottsdale, Arizona, all I want to say is: India is my country, if we have a problem, we will solve it. Please don’t waste your bandwidth and web-design skills on creating hate. Take down your website by the end of this month. If you don’t, I will be reporting this matter to the Government of India and the US authorities. I will not let losers like you create divisions in my country.