Gone are the days of those musicians who cared about things happening around. Now a days, even the rock music seems nothing more than a pathetic drug-addict’s rants about having sex with girlfriend, lost love or a night club party. Most of the new age rockers play some guitar distortion (for most of us, guitar distortion is what Rock all about) which can be easily done with some basic guitar skills without much of efforts and yet they complain that we are stuck in the old times.

Although I haven’t heard too many bands except a few, I am a fan of rock music from the 70’s, 80’s or even early 90’s. Okay, let me come to the point. We had many songs in the early days when musicians/singers wrote songs in support of peace, and against the evils like war, poverty etc. They cared about humans and humanity. They fought for the world peace through the medium that they were familiar with – Music.

Now when I chanced upon the latest album of Shoe String, named “Thirty Something“, and when I heard this specific song “Hey Mister Cowboy” (set to the country music style that is apt for the song’s lyrics), I was so glad to see that this genre of musicians, who cares about what happens around, isn’t completely dead.

Checkout the lyrics of this song:

…….. Hey mister cowboy can’t you see
This is for real, it ain’t no movie
Hey mister cowboy, open your eyes
And take a look around you, it’s someone else’s country

There are body bags coming home every other day
So the cowboy’s on TV and he’s got something to say
The war on terror may have claimed more men
But we ain’t gonna rest till we get Laden

Now there’s a mother standing by his gate
Asking for her kid, it’s been a helluva wait
She says this land may have a million sons
But pardon me sir, my boy’s my only one ……..

Also checkout “Whose line is it anyway?” – Manoj says ‘Whose line is it anyway?’ tells the story of a friend, a soldier, who fell to bullets in Kashmir. It’s an appeal to the Indian and Pakistani governments to find a peaceful solution. It’s a reminder that life is precious, irrespective of which side of the border it’s on.

Go to the Shoe String blog and download all the songs of their latest album for free. You can hum with the lyrics as well.

On another note, am glad to see more musicians are joining the BlogSwara spirit – Sharing music for free.

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