We know poverty is linked to economic development, but is it also linked to the environment?

Environment News Service reports on a new UN report titled “Making Progress on Environmental Sustainability: Lessons and recommendation from a review of over 150 MDG country experiences,” suggests that environmental protection helps economic development.

Egypt, Peru, Vietnam, and Mongolia are among the countries putting the environment at the core of their plans to cut poverty by 2015, according to a report issued Friday by two United Nations agencies. Environmental sustainability and economic development work best when they are linked, the report demonstrates by documenting progress in 158 countries.

“A healthy, sustainable environment is a vital national asset and when it is eroded, the poorest people suffer the most,” said UNDP Administrator Kemal Dervis.

The report’s authors, led by Linda Ghanime, UNDP environmental operations and policy advisor, stress that the best progress is made when countries first adopt the principle of environmental sustainability, and then adapt their development plans to their own specific ecosystems.

During my time with Deeshaa Ventures I had the opportunity to understand the basic of economic development from people like Atanu. Economic development provides well-being to the general populace. However, India and many other countries have not been successful in achieving this objective.

At that time I did not understand the link between the environment and economic development. I am still learning about it but the more I understand I realise how important it is for emerging countries like India to concentrate more on the environment rather than less for their own benefit.

Principles like resource productivity, waste equals food, energy efficiency are more important to India and China then developed countries. I will be writing more about this topic.