Suhas GopinathPeople can’t stop talking about the phenomenal success of Suhas Gopinath, the world’s youngest CEO. This twenty year old runs Globals Inc which is based in Silicon Valley and has offices in 11 countries. Well, few know that this youngster wants to move base to India even though he has had some bad experiences here.

As a boy of 14 when he was refused permission to register his company by the government of India because he was too young. That was why he had to go to California…and soon came to known as the world’s youngest CEO. 

It is not just the Indian government who was doubtful of his capabilities. Indian companies too had little faith  in him.  Says Gopinath:

At 14, when I opened my first portal and started offering IT services. I sent emails to various companies to offer my services. Indian companies didn’t show much interest, but a US based company sent visa and tickets for me. They offered me a job. It was a tempting offer for a middle class boy like me. But I never wanted to settle down in the US and become an NRI. I told them I wanted to be an independent entrepreneur. I opened my own company here with their back up and took help of a friend in the US. Now my company does the same work for them that they wanted me to do,” says Mr CEO who names Michael Dell and Bill Gates as his idols.

And this year Gopinath is doing something that has again caused a disapproving eyebrow to be raised in India – he is all set on opening a branch in Lahore, Pakistan, by September this year. He has already held discussions with the Pakistan Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz. Apparently Indian companies are not allowed to set up shop in Pakistan…but then Global Inc is not an Indian company…at least not yet. 

Oddly enough, Gopinath holds no grudges against the Indian government or India for giving him a hard time. He recounts an humiliating experience he had once with humour…when a security guard in India refused to let him enter a conference where he was supposed to address the top CEO’s of Bangalore. 

Actually we shouldn’t be too suprised at this patriot’s intentions to shift to India. Inspite of setting up a successful company at such a tender age, he remains an idealist at heart. This was the same kid who turned down an offer from a Fortune 500 company which had offered him a $ 2000 weekly pay cheque, a chauffer-driven car and an apartment!

I sincerely wish that all those who left India give her another chance. Come back with a forgiving attitude. India is going to open up a whole new world of opportunities in the coming years and there is a lot of work to be done. India needs people like you. Those who have seen how the world works.