Blog SwaraRight from the beginning of blogging, we have witnessed how it has evolved from the personal diary types to online journal form, group and community blogging, photo blogging etc. But audio blogging, or Music Blogging to be more specific, was not so popular even in the international blogosphere.

When I started audio-blogging way back in March 2005, only two-three audioblogs existed in the Indian blogosphere. But later, more and more people joined in and I believe that the music blogging community in India has out-numbered their counterparts in a global level. Now there are quite a number of music bloggers from India. (See the lit of music bloggers from India here)

As for me, at first it was like recording songs with the karaoke tracks. And then other bloggers, who are lyricists and composers came in and we thought of doing fresh and original music together. And that was just a start of better things to come. A little later BlogSwara happened, in May of 2006. BlogSwara is a collaborative musical endeavor by a group of Indian bloggers around the world. For the first version we had songs in 3 different Indian languages. Malayalam, Tamil and Hindi. Everything is done by the bloggers themselves. Lyrics, Music, Orchestration, Vocals, Recording and Mixing. Everything is done online. Everybody works from their own place that is in different parts of the world.

Version 2.0 of BlogSwara

Coming to the version 2, we have changed the focus and made it a permanent platform for all talented, amateur musicians. So now people outside the blogging world have also joined hands with us in the 2nd version.

With everything that goes into the process of making a music album done by us, the music is an interesting mix of rawness and finesse, and of tradition and modernism and post modernism, and of our loves, hopes and desires.

The BlogSwara team is driven by our love of music and the joy in collaboration to create our own sound. We are not dictated by any commercial goals and pressures. We haven’t met physically, but here we are: United in Music. The music of this endeavor is available for FREE download and you can listen at your ease. You can also listen to the streaming audio from our songs page.

Now BlogSwara is in the process of preparing for BlogSwara V3 with more fresh talents and music.
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