The Hindu consisely put all my feelings about Shilpa Shetty into one sentence

A one-month stint and an out-of-the-blue win in UK reality TV show Celebrity Big Brother opened up more vistas for actress Shilpa Shetty with international film offers and endorsements, than her 10 years in the Hindi film industry ever did.

I still dont know what’s so great about winning a reality show that has all actors as participants, I mean how does one expect them to be themselves when they are all actors, arent they so used to acting? OK so she won it, good lets all be happy about it (after all she made some moolah), but wait a second, does that make her the new age mascot for the rising, no shit taking Indian? The media thinks so, at least they want us to think so. A couple of years back noone had ever heard of anything called Big Brother, one fine day they wake up from the right side of the bed and think.. hmm the worlds most over excited population of people havent heard of us.. why not call a celebrity from there, heard theyv got pleanty, and Pete call someone who wont ask for much…and if that wasnt enough, and lets put in a garnishing of a controversy, lets make it big, big enough to be not ignored… and there we have it, tens of millions of families glued to their news channels to hear the latest on the racist comment controversy. Well I dont know about you, but frankly, I think its all too fictitious to be real.

Equally interesting are the aftereffects of her victory. Heard that shes going to meet the Queen !. I heard that Mr Vinod Khanna is lobying to get her into BJP. Gosh, do all actors end up in BJP. I think it tells us two things about politics as a career, first you need to have acting skills and second its the only job which actors are happy to pursue (so you can make your own conclusions about how much they make). There are also reports of her being ready to mingle. She has extended her stay in London to look for her love, Ms Shilpa, I hope Im not being racist but why dont you consider a love of your own race/nation? It was funny, I was reading this article and a full page ad of appears next to it, well Shilpa, you can also look for your love online, heard that it works.

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