With Indian Bloggers at 3.5 million ( Windows Live Spaces Survey) it is not surprising that the Indibloggies, the Indian awards for the best Indian Bloggers are thriving. They are here again, this time asking for nominations for the best blogs of 2006. This is  how to nominate and you can check out who the jury is.

There are 16 categories in all and the nominations which started on on 26th of January are to end in less than a week – on the 5th of February. The jury will evaluate the nominations and then finally a public poll is to be held in February.

So are these awards any good? Well, that’s for you to judge. There are some decent prizes in store.  And recognition ofcourse. But whether you are a Blogger who thinks of an Award as encouragement or recognition or thinks of awards in a dimissive manner, the fact is that such awards are here to stay. Though the Indibloggies have had some controversies in the past, they seem to be the best around.
The Indian Blogging scene could well explode in the next couple of years and in that case Indibloggies are on to something lucrative. However, even if the survey’s findings are not entirely entirely reliable and Indian bloggers do not number more than a million as some people believe…the survey is still a good indicator of the growing population of Indian bloggers. After all, Windows Live Spaces is a blogging site part of the MSN network, and the statistics that they have quoted are based on visitors to the MSN portal.

It was interesting to read this blogger’s take on the Indibloggies:

I respect the Indibloggies and I don’t mean to disrespect the awards in any way. Infact, I’m more at odds with the bloggers who are not satisfied with the nominations or awards. Sit back and enjoy the awards, people. Stop trying to grab attention. If it comes your way, it just means you are that good. If not, it just means that you aren’t good enough and maybe use that as motivation to try and get better, instead of whining. Of course, another option would be to shut up and delete your blog.

Heh heh.