“There are two Indias in this country

One India is straining at the leash, eager to spring forth and

live up to all the adjectives that the world has been showering recently upon us.

The other India is the leash.

One India says, give me a chance and I’ll prove myself.

The other India says,
prove yourself and maybe then you’ll have a chance.

One India lives in the optimism of our hearts.

The other India lurks in the skepticism of your minds      

 One India wants. The other India hopes.      

 One India leads. The other India follows.

But conversions are on the rise. With each passing day more
and more people from the other
India have been coming over to this side.
And quietly, while the world is not looking, a pulsating, dynamic,new
India is emerging.

An India whose faith in success is far greater than its fear in failure.
An India that no longer boycotts foreign-made goods but buys out the
companies that make them instead.

History, they say, is a bad motorist. It rarely ever signals its intentions
when it is making a turn.

This is that rarely-ever moment. History is turning a page.

For more than half a century, our nation has

sprung, stumbled, run. fallen, rolled over, got up, dusted herself and

 cantered, sometimes lurched on.
But today, as we begin out 60th year as a free nation, the ride has brought
us to the edge of time’s great precipice.

And one India- a tiny little voice at the back of the head- is looking down
at the bottom of the ravine and hesitating.

The other India is looking up at the sky and saying, it’s time to fly.

                                   –India Poised Anthem

Every now and then, people come up with some way or the other to remind us of the patriot asleep in us. It stays awake for a few months, weeks, days or hours and then, goes to sleep again. Awakens when we hear the National Anthem, The ‘Vande Matharam’, or ‘Saare Jahan Se Acha’, on Independence day and Republic Day. But, Is that all India needs today?? Its time to ask ourselves how we can contribute to our country and make her stand proud on the international pedestal. 

The Times of India, with this dream, launched the six week long ‘India Poised‘ campaign  christening 2007 as the ‘Year of India’. The TOI has brought to the public a critical assessment of India’s readiness for any serious claim to international fame by examining India’s key sectors and open areas of public governance, infrastructure health, business, economy, environment, social sector and culture among others to sort the stars from the non performers.As part of the campaign, Panel discussions, debates, walkathons, spirituality conventions, music contests, cuisine festivals and much more are being organized at all Major cities.



India Poised @ Garuda Mall,Bangalore. 

A one-and-a-half minute anthem that embodies the essence of the India Poised campaign, penned by Gulzar and put into music by Shankar Mahadevan is, in Gulzar’s words, “a message about poised India, an India raring to go, a new India ready to march forward”.

The India Poised Anthem recited  in English By Big B:

The India Poised Anthem  recited in Hindi By Gulzar:


Now is the time for Action beyond the Hype. Let us resolve to march forward!!

More on this story and the Anthem By Shankar-Eshaan- Loy at www.indiapoised.com.