So how do you say “Hey you desperate sex-starved Indian lads, we are going to make you happy” in perfect business rhetoric. Just ask Rasina Uberoi of Media Transasia India, publishers of the Maxim, the worlds biggest mens lifestyle magazine in India.
“Indian men are screaming out for a magazine such as Maxim and we are thrilled that we will be the first publisher to be able to satisfy the enormous demand in the market.”

It seems Maxim is not the only one out here in India to wipe out the crumpled Debonair magazines hidden in the Indian lad’s cupboard. OK and Playboy is here too and will probably be followed by at least half a dozen new international ‘lad’ magazines this year. Not surprisingly all these magazines will appear in their toned down versions, especially Playboy India but the headlines does try and match up with the Brit counterparts; well-enough to make any copywriter cringe – (‘More Kareena, Less clothes’! and ‘Eye Frying Pics of Mallika Sherawat’ for starters.)

Maxim India Kareena Katrina Priyanka
The publishing houses seems to have done their homework in being successful to avoid the ire of the official and unofficial moral police to an extent. The price of 100 Rs + is a good deterrent if you are planning to buy and burn them and add to that the likes of Mallika Sherawat and Kareena Kapoor promising more than what you would find in a Filmfare or Stardust. You might not even need a bunch of photoshop wannabes toying with a forgotten actress like Khushboo or even more adventurously with CPI-M leader Brinda Karat to boost circulation figures.