Reservation system is as dreaded as caste system, sathi system, zazia tax system.

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I support Reservation system but not the current way of its implementation. To start with, let me disclose that i belong to BC-B category and i have never used reservation to get a seat in my Intermediate (11th,12th) and then into Engineering college. I always needed a financial support but, not the reservation quota. When i finished my intermediate, there were only 6500 engineering seats in the entire state of Andhra pradesh including government universities and private engineering colleges. I scored 810th rank among 40,000 students competing for those 6500 seats. I was lucky enough to get a free seat which only costed my parents around RS 3500 per anum, but there were other friends of mine who were qualified for payment seat which costed them around RS 26000 per anum. They were screaming for financial support and not the quota.

Let us divide the society in 2 groups havs and Hav nots.

Hav nots problem is very serious and we need lot of time to fix it. However, Government instead of addressing their core problem, renegged on its duty and escaped by providing reservation system which Hav nots cannot use it. The problem is, the poor parents cannot send their kids to school as they are just working hard to meet their ends. They send their kids (Child labor) to work instead. We do have government schools and colleges, but parents are reluctant to send their kids to schools as they cannot afford to loose the income generated by their kids. So, providing free government schools and colleges is just first step in helping the hav nots. Government should provide financial support on top of free educational facilities. The poor/failing infrastructure of these free educational institutes is altogether a different topic.
Child labor is a global problem and it cannot be localized and solved. We need a global effort as the economy we are living in is not perfect resulting underpay to the grassroot workers and hence the child labor issues resulting out of this.

By supporting the poor family during this schooling time, you have already created a stronger base whereby the reservation (atleast not as much as today) doesn’t make sense at the college level and then when this kid hits the job market. What is needed at the college level is financial support.

Let us come to havs group. It is straight forward, they are not qualified for any reservations.

Once you have identified havs and hav nots, you need to address the over all reservation system.
Hav nots, and those who are just on the fence earning OK incomes, fall short in some respects like sending their kids to good schools, giving them good food and the general atmospehere/conditions needed for their child growth. These factors do play in the general intellectual growth and severely affect the potential in these kids. It is for this reason we need reservations to help them get into colleges. But, i disagree with the extent of present reservations and its meaningless implementation.

Now, we need to look at another serious problem. The overall voilence surrounding this issue (Anti reservations agitation) and suicides.
What we need is cool heads in the student fraternity. The groups Pro and Against reservations should sit down and look at the issue in depth.
Pro groups and Against groups cannot get what they want. All they need to do is compromise on this issue.
It is fact that our country can never become Reservations free country. At the same time, we cannot keep the current implementation in its form.
Two groups should sit together and discuss this issue and then take it to our political leaders for a solution. If these two groups don’t join then there is a possibility of further divide in our society and politicians will be taking advantage of that.