Jaggi Vasudev

Just 2 weeks ago, we had a great re-union of Engineering friends over hotmail. It was an effort by one of our friends to start a group and discuss about the tranasformations we all went through in the last 8 years or so. In no time, we started a google group and started talking. The very first topic was on GODs, Gurus and Incarnations.
It was me against a group of 4. We are still immature and started mixing topics one with the other. The overal heated arguments boiled down to “Do you believe in GOD or not” Let me just give you a summary of our standpoints and then talk about Jaggi Vasudev in this context. Please read a recent post on him, which was recently posted by fellow mutineer Nita.

This is what i believe in…. I don’t believe in GOD. I don’t care about CREATION as it had already happened and iam not worried about Destruction as i will never come to know when it happens. I am a practical man and iam worried about things in between CREATION & DESTRUCTION i.e Survival. If survival itself is materialistic, then there is no reason for us to be here on this planet. I am worried about things i can percieve and iam worried about pains the living beings are going through. I am worried about our society and about the negative forces who are veering it in a negative direction.
I am worried about physical destructions, discriminations and dissolutions.
I don’t believe looking backwards into our past for finding solutions to today’s problems, because, most of them look backwards and come up with hard to implement solutions for today’s problems.
I only believe in GURUS who are pragmatic and who help mankind with innovative solutions. I respect GURUS who are visionary and who can predict future predicaments of living beings and slowly prepare mankind for that scenario and devise solutions. I respect GURUS who have/are studied/studying today’s society and culture and advise the followers accordingly.
I am looking for GURUS who know the past and are updating themselves with present and are working hard to veer our society in a right direction into the future.
There are few GURUS of that kind and i am not hesitant to put Jaggi Vasudev in that list.

However, my friends have different opinion. They believe that there is a controling force (read GOD here) who is responsible for everything that is happening. They believe that what we are living is a materialistic life and we can attain moksha, only if we can get rid of wordly pleassures. All the problems of our society are due to the worldy pleassures. This is what many GURUS are saying and are preaching and my friends believe in that garbage (sorry, if i hurt anybody here).
They believe in CREATION, DESTRUCTION and then resurrection. The life cycles keep repeating as long as we( there are different theories of Moksha) have humanly desires.

They ignore Survival and talk about unreachable subjects of CREATION & DESTRUCTION. Survival is materialistic for them and is akin to curse.

This is my opinion on what my friends believe. Yes, problems do occur in pursuit of wordly pleassures. Yes, these worldly problems will dissappear, if we renounce our life styles. Whats the point then? Should we just then go back to Himalayas chanting GOD? Those are simplistic solutions given by GURUs (hundreds of years ago) who couldn’t understand the present and who couldn’t predict what was in store for future generations. The same is being carried over by several GURUs to this day. Instead of facing the reality of changing times, societies and cultures, they keep shouting about our past and offer simplistic solutions like renunciations to get rid of social and personal problems.
Most of the problems we face today are due to negligence of GURUs who kept on avoiding the current/present issues and kept on singing the past about CREATION, DESTRUCTION theory and Moksha. Why don’t GURUS take up these issues head-on just like Baba Ramadev and Jaggu Vasudev?
To be honest with you, I know very little about these two gurus, but whatever I know about them has definitely influenced me and I think they are my type of GURUs.

It takes guts for one to put things straight as simple as this one
“Toilets more important than Temples, A pee is more important than a Prayer”.  I simply cannot stop appreciating this practical man who is looking into today’s common issues. I have read his Blog and nowhere I saw him speaking those things which I commonly hate to hear.

Simply put, we have/had Wise men who understood life and life cycle better than a common man like us. They have offered to the society their rich experiences in the form of Epic stories to educate us on good/evil and how to circumvent such things in order to live a happy life. Their experiences were offered to us in the form of Upanishads, vedas. At times, they have even created/exaggerated eipc stories like Ramayana/Mahabharata to explain to the common man about Dharma.
When these wise men offer/re-explain those hard-to-understand concepts of lifes to common man, people appreciate it and treat them like GURUs and Param Gurus. In due course of time, we give them the status of God. IN reality there is no such thing called GOD, who listens to us and answers our prayers. We have to deal our issues in our style and solve them and move on. While we are at it, we do have to read those ancient scriptures, books, vedas and adapt to today’s society and follow them.
We need to even re-adapt/modify if possible to re-explain them to ourselves or to our friends if we can.

Do you also join the group of my friends Or do you also feel the same way as i do? Its a personal choice and you don’t have to be explicit about it?