The world is becoming more and more intolerant and the leaders stupid by the day.

Lot of Hindu Indians tell the muslims that if you don’t like in India then go to Pakistan but if somethings happens to Indians like the Shilpa Shetty episode we cry racism and how the other countries should change to accomodate us.

The latest gem comes from Hema Malini.

Hema Malini was electioneering for the February 1 local corporation elections when she was asked at a meeting about north Indians not being happy with the treatment given to them. “If they have a problem, they should go back,” she allegedly replied.

At times like these you can see the prejudices coming out. I am sure even after all this she well continue to be in politics and she will always be that “Dream Girl”.

Of course in politics it is not easy to get away with something lilke that and that’s why BJP is in trouble over this

“The BJP should give an explanation on this statement of Hema. I demand that Hema Malini should take back her statement and apologise to the north Indians in Mumbai,” said Congress spokesperson Sanjay Nirupam.

BJP’s alliance partner Shiv Sena was clearly put on the defensive. Though Sena has always used its “Mee Mumbaikar” campaign for political gains, the party does not want to alienate itself from the north Indians.

But even then the BJP says it was a casual remark

BJP leaders refused to comment on the issue but insisted that Hema’s comment was an innocent and casual remark and not too much should be made out of it.

Such casual remarks can create a lot of hooplah on the “Big Brother” but while campaigning for an election…nothing!

I think such comments should be highlighted and told to everyone. Such small incidents highlight the prejudices that people have against people from different region, country, race, caste or whatever else.


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