India, Marriage, Tradition, Horse,Women, RajsthanIndia’s economy is growing by 7-9%. The highly skilled and well educated young generation is contributing in a big manner to its success. Education is allowing young men and women to think in a more rational way and not just follow the some old traditions blindly, passed on to them by their parents and elders. An example of this was demonstrated in the pink city of India, when twin sisters Lata and Laxmi of broke the tradition to ride on horseback on Sunday on the eve of their weddings. When asked why they did this, Lata said, “We were happy to ride on the horses. Our parents have brought us up as their sons.”

Well that’s a fair comment. To me it just shows that women are becoming bold, self confident and ready to take next step to move from the kludges of the centuries when women were suppressed. Who can say now that women are not on par with men in India…I can’t. Hats off to you girls, we need more women like you to take India forward.

On a lighter note – I feel sorry for the grooms as the brides have taken away the limelight! It’s a man’s view. 🙂