Sex Ratio map

In India today the men to women ratio is rapidly declining…and our country is poised to plunge into social disaster.india-sex-ratio-key.jpg
Usually when goods are in short supply, their value rises and people scramble to either hoard them, steal them, swipe them, buy them at a premium, or at best, share them with loved ones.

As in some places in India, women are seen as ‘goods’, not people, they suffer the same fate. When in short supply, they are kidnapped, bought at a premium or shared with friends and relatives. Some men have no means to buy and if they have the criminal mentality, they will resort to crime.  You can read about it here .

On the other hand see what happens when people are in short supply, as in lets say experienced computer engineers. Their value goes up and as a result, and they are wined and dined, lured and cajoled, sucked up to and put on a pedestal.

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