It’s been heart-warming to see the number of people wanting to adopt the baby girl  abandoned outside a railway station a few days ago. First it was the choreographer and ex-model Achala Sachdev who wanted to do it (Mumbai Mirror), but now the requests are simply pouring in! As of yesterday, there were scores of requests to adopt the abandoned baby. The adoption agencies are delighted and hospital authorities overhelmed. According to a social worker who was quoted in a Times of India report:

Earlier parents would make detailed enquiries about the background of a child. Just the fact that there are so many requests for a girl child in a patriarchal set-up is encouraging.

In fact the response has so overhelmed JJ Hospital that they are now restricting visitors.
Ofcourse, it is mandatory for the authorities to wait for a period of three months before the baby is given for adoption….in case the birth mother turns up.
This is certainly not an isolated incident of people’s sympathies being aroused because of a poor abandoned baby. Many upper middle class Indian couples are preferring girls to boys. This trend started some years ago but is now growing steadily.
Two of my friends who adopted baby girls have this to say:
M, who could not have a biological child of her own tells me, “I love girls and that is why adoption worked so well for me.” 
My other friend R, whose first child is biological (a son) said, “We wanted a girl and that is why we chose adoption.”

(Photo sourced from the Times of India)