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Call me a pessimist, but I’m being one because of what happens around. Everytime people think of reforming India politics, they think about forming a new party. And we have quite a number of political parties in India these days and the basic issues in the society remains the same with all of these ‘reforming’ parties.

Then came a group of IIT-ians who claimed that they sacrificed their options to fly abroad or to get top MNC positions to reform Indian politics and they formed Lok Paritran and participated in the election. There were too much expectation about them and some people thought they were going to save India while some others thought they are just like any other political party except for the window dressing. And the latter was right. The last thing I heard about Lok Paritran was they split up into two (or more?).

Ramya said:

However,unconnected with all the above, the fact that these budding ‘leaders’ were unable to keep their stock together, is indicative of their capacities. Would you want them to govern you? Participation is a method that leaders use to keep the group together – in politics, it is not democracy, but a tool of control.

Now comes another political party Bharat Punarnirman Dal (BPD). They also emphasize on their website that the party has been founded by ‘a group of IIT-ians’ and ‘other such individuals’. I have no hope on this one too and I will wait to see how their end is going to be. I don’t understand what is this obsession of people in India about IIT-ians. Are they the only class in India with some brains? Why is only the academic brilliance used to scale a person’s intellect?

On the other day, I was watching this video of Apple CEO Steve Jobs’ Stanford University Commencement speech and it was really inspiring. He said, “Truth be told, I never graduated from college and this is the closest I’ve ever gotten to a college graduation” with a smile on his face and I’m sure he was standing there tall, on top of any other person on that stage and I’m sure he was smiling inside too. I think in the U. S. A., they don’t assess people purely on the basis of their ‘degree’s. (if you got me right, I am not meaning to say that the academic education doesn’t mean anything).

Checkout Srivatsan’s excellent review about Lok Paritran.

PS: Checkout the website of Lok Paritran. It says “the site is temporarily unavailable. Please contact system administrator” and there is no email or a contact link. That shows the current state of that party itself.


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