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Bharat Punarnirman Dal (BPD) have launched their website. It is by no means a comprehensive website but has the initial elements in it. There is a page about BPD and another about its Strategy.

After years of study and hands-on experience at the grassroots level it became clear to the group that without reforming the political system any attempt to reform the society or the governance will be futile. Soon it became clear that the problem is not the lack of resources but it is inefficient management of the resources. In other words in order to get a lasting and widespread solution instead of trying to solve the problems and issues themselves it is better to improve the problem solving mechanism. This problem solving mechanism or the System that governs the country is already there and has sufficient reach and resources but because of inefficiencies at every level of this system it has become ineffective. (link)

According to them they have entered the political stage with an aim to reform the political system. I think the aim is noble and hope every member of the party holds it dear.

Bharat Punarnirman Dal was founded with a belief that qualitative improvement at the topmost level will be reflected throughout the structure that lies beneath them. Thus this political organization is an attempt to fundamentally reform the political system, which produces the top level managers – the politicians, by introducing quality and dynamism at the political level so as the country is run by politicians by choice not by chance or by birth.

The website throws some light on what their strategy is.

Unfortunately politics figures no where when it comes to choosing a career option. The talent pool of the country opts for other career options with which it always remain subservient, as far as policy making is concerned, to the political echelons, which ultimately is chosen by those who have nothing else to choose.

Taking into account the sordid state of affairs as far as the existing political system is concerned, with nepotism and undemocratic structures prevalent in the existing political organizations, even if somebody wants to opt for politics as a career option, he has no choice available that he can choose and stick to with dignity. Thus in the present scenario politics has become an exclusive preserve of people either with abundance of money or with muscle power or with some political legacy. A common man with a vision for his country and a plan to implement it finds no way to enter the legislature, even if he wishes to.

This is very true. Nobody today talks about politics as a good thing to be in. If BPD can change that I think that will be an awesome thing to do. In other countries like US you will find young dynamic guys fighting elections on issues and very keen to enter politics even after graduating from Harvard, Yale or Princeton. But in India, very few will even think about it as a career.

Bharat Punarnirman Dal as an institution is meant to fill that lacuna. Knowing that competition begets quality, Bharat Punarnirman Dal is an attempt to make politics more ‘competitive’ by making it more accessible to the people. It intends to provide a platform to the people who have a vision for the country but lack the wherewithal, in terms of institutional support and electoral experience, to participate in active politics.

This is all good if done properly. Two main things in their strategy are

  • Make politics accessible to people.
  • Make politics a career choice for people.

I think both of these are good. I just hope they do it right and get the right message to the people.

Now for all those who have commented previously asking the contact details. Here it is

KJ-116, Kavi Nagar,
Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh–201002
Phone: 9990160360, 9212189125
Bharat Punarnirman Dal
House No.459, Sector-14,
Indira Nagar, Lucknow-Uttar Pradesh
Phone: 09935420762
Ekta Rahiwashi Sangh, Charai,
Thane(West), Maharashtra-400602
Phone: 9819810785/9821037731
S-3, Diamond Towers, OU Road,
New Nallakunta, Hyderabad-500044
Phone: 9247710504
B/14 Shrinivas Park,
Baner Road,Pune-Maharashtra
Phone: 09960582233

On the face of it, looks like BPD is doing the right thing. Time will tell how far they go. In any case we wish them good luck.

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