Sanjeev Nanda

It is highly unlikely that you will remember this young man. His day of reckoning came 8 years ago when he ran over and killed 6 people in his newly imported BMW speeding at 140 km/h after getting drunk in a late night party(the TOI astrologer’s advice came a tad late.)

Unfortunately for the victims, none of the six were important as Sanjeev Nanda’s father, an ex-Indian Navy Commander and international arms dealer(who also figured in the Tehelka expose) . Despite an overwhelming amount of evidence, the sole survivor, Manoj testified that it was a truck that killed the victims and not the BMW. Manoj has mysteriously disappeared since then, but Sanjeev Nanda himself continues to grace the entertainment section and page 3 photos in Times of India and Hindustan Times under headings like ‘Fun at Punk Party‘ and ‘A Wedding to Remember’.

Not so long ago the very same newspapers had harped about the public losing faith in the Indian judiciary and the gross injustice in the case. Now when the same newspapers seems to have accepted him as a part of the elite Indian society, I can’t help but wonder – what is the role of the media here? To bring out the truth or just to play along?