We’ve read many tragic stories of girls being abused by their parents especially by the father

This is a story of a girl who was physically abused by her mother. Even after two years, the scars of violence that she has suffered at her mother’s hands are yet to heal.

I won’t go into the details of the kind of abuse that she had to live with daily.

Two years ago, however, the violence crossed all limits.

Soon after her mother left for the day, Bharti ran off to play with some friends that she had made on the sly. On her return, she was battered for the last time.

Bharti was attacked with kitchen scissors and was on the verge of being strangulated when she retaliated with all her might. “I pushed my mother back, locked her from outside and ran away,” she says.

Accompanied by social worker Suman Gupta, a profusely bleeding Bharti reached the local police station of the slum colony. Gupta also called up the toll-free Childline phone service 1098 for assistance. The service, initiated under an Indian government scheme, helps children in distress.

This story has a positive end.

12 year old Bharti lives in Bal Niketan, a state-aided shelter home in Chandigarh. Though still on medication and counselling, she is coping well.

Bharti’s class teacher Malik Kaur said: “She is a bright girl. She has the zeal to live and learns her lessons well.”

Bharti is now nose-deep in her textbooks and loving it.

All my prayers and best wishes are with Bharti. I hope she gets to enjoy atleast some of her childhood, complete her studies successfully and gets to do what she wants to when she grows up

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