Shilpa & Goody saga

Well, 82% of the people gave their verdict that Britain is not a racist country and Goody doesn’t represent the society she grew up in.
What about the rest 18%? These 18% of the people are everywhere. They are in India who hate lower caste people. They are in Britain who hate non-white people.
They are in each country and each community. Let us restrict the discussion to two countries involved in this saga. Britain & India.

Why don’t we (Indians and especially Indian media) draw any parallel between caste hatred that is spread across the breadth and length of our country and that of racism in West? Britain was at least lucky enough to wash their hands by evicting Goody. What opportunity do Indians have to wash their centuries old caste stigma?
Why are we still fuelling the Goody/Shilpa episode to the hilt without looking at our own backyards? I am sure the analysts both in print and paper will slowly divert their attention to India and wide spread hatred among different religions and castes. Why don’t we start before someone else starts it to our own shame?
Does Shilpa represent India? Or all Indians like Shilpa? Did we forget that Shilpa’s parents had underworld nexus and have used their influence to extract money from a sari manufacturer?

Castism, racism does have comon undertone and i.e hatred/intolerance. Most of this hatred stems from dislike. This dislike to my understanding has to do with color, looks, uncleanliness etc. So, back in those days shudras due to their type of work were dirty looking people and people started hating them and didn’t allow them to enter the villages, temples, common wells. However, over the years that hatred grew stronger and people started hating everybody assocaited with shudras and in general the community.
Why don’t we rectify this age old mistake and abolish the caste system. Why shouldn’t Shilpa take this fight back home once she comes back India? She has a better chance to start and win this battle.

Our media should have been much more careful in this ongoing masala and enlightened our masses about similar problems in our own streets. We have seen effigy burnings and street protests in some cities. Will there be similar protests, if some dalit was prevented from entering a temple? Why is the media writing about ‘India Shining’ and frequently raising the expectations of the people that India’s clout is rising rapidly along with its economy from this silly episode? Our Indian media is behaving just like President of Iran and President of Pakistan who just know to shout and play to the gallery. They are simply not watching their backyard and arousing masses without any purpose. Even if there is a purpose than that can best be achieved in some other ways.