WadiaYou think they would learn. The whole country has been under high alert over intelligence reports that there could be a high-jack to free Afzal. What does Air India do? Let a businessman carry a pistol and 30 rounds on-board. Now you know why I don’t fly Air India and why I have repeatedly asked for Air India’s and Indian’s names to be changed so that their sick performance doesn’t affect the image of the country.

From the BBC:

Aviation chiefs in India have launched an inquiry after a prominent industrialist checked in a pistol and bullets on an international flight.

The businessman is a grandson of Pakistan’s founder Mohammad Ali Jinnah.

The Indian national carrier, Air India, has removed at least one official as a result of the security breach.

The official was alleged to have been present at the time the lapse occurred, and airport security apparatus failed to detect the firearm and bullets.

Officials say that the well-known industrialist, Nusli Wadia, was found to be flying from Mumbai (Bombay) to Dubai last week with a revolver and 30 live bullets.