IndianOne of the reasons I ‘knee-jerked’ into setting up ‘The Great Indian Mutiny’ was my national identity. Is every brown skinned person Indian? Can you hold the nationality of a foreign country and still call yourself Indian?

Govindraj Ethiraj has made an excellent post on this topic.

Some 30,000 Indians in Britain are requesting the Indian authorities to protest a British government move that affects their status under the Highly Skilled Migrants Programme (HSMP). The UK move may be unfair but it baffles me (if I were to believe the reports) that these chaps expect our PM to request Tony Blair to give them safe haven and potentially, citizenship, in the the UK !!

I would divide my America bound acquaintances, friends and relatives into roughly two categories. First are those who seek specific opportunity, find it at a location that is not pre-determined and then `settle’ down. Their return is always open-ended, so to speak. These are a minority. The second are those for whom countries like America are fixated, pre-programmed destinations regardless of what they do in India and how.

People should think twice about changing their citizenship. You can’t be India just because of the colour of your skin, fan of bollywood movies, love Sachin, eating Punjabi food or calling yourself desi.

India is a nation. A Republic. Her citizens are Indians, nobody else.