Some weeks earlier there was this survey in the Mumbai Mirror as to whether Abhishek should marry Aishwarya. Even as I was telling my daughter how useless such surveys were, I was reading it – like so many others. And I actually thought about it… like so many others.
abhishek_1_1.jpgI wondered why a good 32.5% of those surveyed thought that Abhishek was too good for Ash. Sure, I too prefer Abhishek to Ash, but hey, she is a good catch, isn’t she? Beautiful, ash_1_1.jpgclever (she was a topper in one of the best schools  in Mumbai, Arya Vidya Mandir, and the head girl as well) and also trained to be an architect. She also loves her parents (lives with them in fact), goes to temples (don’t we just love that) and is from a decent, well-to-do family. If affairs are the problem…well, he’s had them too. Only less publicised.
Wait. I think I know why Abhishek is considered a better catch. He is rich, and in fact from India’s first…no second, filmi family. He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. She is a middle class girl who has come up on her own merit. Now I just love people like that. And there is this thing about their acting prowess. Who can act better? Ash or Abhishek? In my opinion they are about the same, terrible in some films and good in others. 
And then there’s the male verses female thing. Rich men and pretty women do go together but only if the girl is ‘pure’ and ‘untouched’. Well, our sweet Ash isn’t. She’s a normal, full-blooded woman. Thank God Abhishek is going for someone like that. I think she deserves him. And does he deserve her? Time will tell.

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