I am a creature fairly obsessed with both food and statistics – therefore I zeroed in on this table from the World Health Organisation:

Global and regional per capita food consumption (kcal per capita per day)

Region   1974 – 76 1984 – 86 1997 – 99 2015 2030
World   2435 2655 2803 2940 3050
Developing countries   2152 2450 2681 2850 2980
Near East, North Africa   2591 2953 3006 3090 3170
Sub-Saharan Africa   2079 2057 2195 2360 2540
Latin America, Caribbean   2546 2689 2824 2980 3140
East Asia   2105 2559 2921 3060 3190
South Asia   1986 2205 2403 2700 2900
Industrialized countries   3065 3206 3380 3440 3500
Transition countries   3385 3379 2906 3060 3180

South Asia’s eating more
Whew! In the seventies people in South Asian countries like India were consuming just 1,986 calories per day (reasonable enough, for an active human being) but by the late nineties it increased by over 20 % and this growth is expected to continue. By 2030, India is expected to notch up another 20% growth over the 1999 figures.
I remember that way back in the seventies and eighties, one never even saw that much food around. There were far fewer restaurants and as for eating at street corners – it was frowned upon. Today, all this has changed. Eating out is in.
Developed countries are stuffing themselves up too
The increase in food consumption in the developed countries is fairly high too – as much as 10%. Their base being higher, the increase is lower…but they too are stuffing themselves up.
And just look at those East Asian countries. An increase of 38% in the twenty year period from the seventies to the nineties! Their prosperity is showing.
Will the tide ever be stemmed?
Thankfully, the statistics do show a falling off. In the developed countries the food consumption per capita is supposed to increase by barely 5% by 2030. The increase in consumption levels of the East Asian countries is also expected to fall to 10 per cent. So  food consumption levels don’t increase that much as humans near the 3000 calorie mark…but what’s worrying is that they still increase.  
Are we ever going to be satiated?
It doesn’t look like it. We are all going to get bigger and fatter. Worse, we are heading for a situation where we will suffer from more diseases than we ever did, many of which will be caused by the food itself.

Note: I have clubbed India under the category of ‘South Asia’ and not ‘Developing Countries’ although it falls under both categories. I felt the lower calorie consumption for South Asia fitted India better due to the widespread poverty here.

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