On Thursday, the police acting on specific intelligence had identified the maoist’s arm production factory which was operating in Bhopal’s Satnami Nagar area and recovered a huge consignment of arms including hand grenades, rocket launchers, pistols, revolvers and one carbine.

Rs 12 lakh in cash and six boxes of Naxalite literature were also recovered. Most of the literature was in Telegu, Hindi and Bengali.

“We received information on Wednesday that an illegal arms factory was running in Bhopal and was supplying arms to Maoists,” ADGP (Intelligence) S K Raut said.

“We raided three places and recovered a huge consignment of arms accessories or parts of sophisticated arms which were being manufactured here. The consignment is so large that we have not been able to draw a list of it yet.

After preliminary investigations we know that the arms were being sent to Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra and Karnataka.” The police, however, explained that final assembling of the arms were taking place elsewhere.

Police said that for over two years, a group of men and a woman hailing from a southern state were allegedly manufacturing the ammunition in a three roomed shed in Satnami Nagar. The cops also apprehended six suspected Maoists and three other persons on Thursday.

Maoists is a movement which is driven, influenced, financed by Communists of India politically known as CPI and CPI-M. Maoists are active from Nepal, N-E India, Central India, South-East Coast of India, it is known as New Red Corridor of India.
This is a new way of increasing their political wings and become a power broker and eventually capture the power. Currently, Communist are supporting the Congress led government. It can only happen in India, a party responsible for blood shed, destruction of public property, responsible for running the government from indirect support. What a joke, tabheee to hiaa MERA BHARAT MAHAAN.