Guru I had mentioned earlier that Guru is a film I’m looking forward to. It’s being done in Hindi and dubbed into Tamil. A recent review by Sriram Iyer on has sparked a language war. Read the comments on the review page. Here is one such comment left by Sathya that caught my eye,

First some of the ignorant “hindi champions” should learn some basic facts.

First language is a personal choice and sugegsting others should learn your language is disrespectful and ofensive to others.Why even indulge in a senseless offensive exercise that serves no purpose except invite insults ?
it is a perverted mentality that tries to control what otehrs should speak or do.You go your own way. I go mine.Its that easy.

second,No language including hindi is declared as the only national language in the constitution or elsewhere.So pls stop spreading misinformation.I am sure most of you cannot define what a nation or nation state is .

Multural society is about mutual respect and this is total stupidity and crassness

Can’t we all just get along?