Sometimes journalists get so carried away with the fact that celebrities (earlier post), politicians and slum dwellers (in this case) get away with breaking the law that they mistakenly believe that they too are above the law.

tavleen-singh_1_1.JPGWhy, just last week Tavleen Singh, a columnist with the Indian Express allowed her dog to poop on Marine Drive…and lo behold she was caught by the police! She refused to pay the Rs 500/- fine and also refused to pick up the dog poop. Her defence is that slum-dwellers shit on the road and stray dogs shit all over Mumbai so why should she pay? Another complaint she had was that proper bins to dispose of the shit were not available (like they are in New York). And she also admitted that she allows her dog to spoil Marine Drive on a regular basis.

Unluckily for her the Mumbai muncipality is not taking this lightly. There are plans to book her under section 186 of the Indian Penal Code which deals with the obstruction of a public servant on duty – a cognisable offence. Well, certainly Singh needs to understand that she is misusing her power as a journalist.

But if an intellectual like her is blinded by ego and cannot see the unreasonableness of her position, what can one expect from celebrities and politicians?