Youtube (Google’s company), the popular video sharing site might be banned in India. A Hawaii-based Non-Resident Indian, Gautham Prasad has acted in this offensive video of Mahatma Gandhi doing a Pole dance and other ungandhi like antics. The video is also stirring a lot of rage in Delhi’s political circles. The Government might ban this site as it has done in past for sites like Yahoogroups and Blogger.

Gandhi has been having a sort of resurgence of late, in a country increasingly having a population of yuppies who are being seduced by Technology and “Western Culture”. It is all quite ironic, as Gandhi if he were alive today, would have only smiled and moved on to other more pressing matters like corruption, poverty, education and human rights in India. It is an interesting sign of the times when a silly video posted on an American website can offend the world ‘s biggest democracy. It’s a small world after all. The offending video can be watched below.

What do you guys think of this?