Ahmad a downtown commercial district constable stopped a car for breaking a law. Having a dark tinted window is an offence and may be the most recent law. However, this law may have been relaxed for celebrities to keep away from public view. I salute the constable insisting a fine from Dhoni even after he came to senses that he is talking to a famous cricket star Dhoni.

Is there a law which allows the celebrities to break the law? If so, how many people know about it?It is definitely a common sense for Dhoni to use dark tinted glass windows, but Ahmad is right in seeking a fine, if there is no such law allowing celebrities to use dark tinted glass windows.

To make things worse from bad, there are reports demoting the duty bound constable. How stupid is this?Inspector saifuddinn Ahmad should be promoted instead for his duty. Dhoni should be punished if he did break the law or didn’t seek permission from the officials to use the dark tinted glass windows.

Meanwhile Chief Minister said “celebrities should expect special treatment when it comes to the law”.

I am surprised at this statement and would ask if Chief Minister is also considered a celebrity?
If not then by his own admission, he should be sent to jail for siding a law breaker and also encouraging them.