Guru I look forward to Mani Ratnam films. Most of them I have watched in Tamil and Hindi. I can’t wait for Guru to hit a cinema near me.

Shobha Warrier has done a really good interview with Mani Ratnam on rediff on Guru.

Is his (Abhishek Bachchan) wife (Aishwarya Rai) meant to be a beautiful woman?

She is a realistic woman. I didn’t write in the script that he is married to a beautiful woman and therefore we got Aishwarya. No, it is not that. He gets married to a strong woman and her strength helps him in his growth. So, we needed somebody who can do that.

This is a very realistic character and something different from what Aishwarya has been doing. She has to look like a village girl first, and then a middle aged housewife in a small town. Then she grows to become 45-50. So, she had to do that kind of range, and she was ready to do that.

When did you decide that this will be a Hindi film?

That also comes very early on. Here was a small town guy becoming big all over India, and he is based in Bombay. If I have to do it in Tamil, I have to get all the characters around him speak Tamil. Everyone he meets has to speak in Tamil, so I had to find devices constantly as to why all of them speak in Tamil.

We have dubbed it in Tamil, and it won’t look like a dubbed film as a lot of effort has been taken to make it look realistic and rooted. We are quite happy with the product. I have dubbed it in Telugu also because these languages take dubbing well.