Recent incidents of blatant acts of violence against women and children have incited a strange sense of insecurity in the me. The skeletons exhumed from Nithari, a couple of Army personnels misbehaving with a lady and then the public display of animal behavior at the gateway of India in Mumbai, all seem to scream out are we really any safe? Are the people, given with the responsibility of protecting us, really interested in doing that or is it just their job for them, no different and no more important than ours?

Jitendra Kaushik of CNN IBN aptly says

The most shocking aspect of the Nithari’s horror story is not that a deviant actually DID it; it is the fact that he COULD do it. Over such a long period of time. With such ease.

The thing that hurts me the most is the fact that the more seem to develop economically, so to say, the more horrific a future we make for the coming generations. Acceptance of these acts of crime as normal and chalta hai is what freaks me out. I mean imagine a few people, if I may be allowed to call them, toring away a womens clothes and misbehaving with her in front of hundreds of other people acting as mute spectator to this hideous act. If you are strong enough to imagine it, do it by placing a woman close to you in place of that woman and imagine again if you can. I for one simply can’t.

A few weeks ago two army personnels misbehaved with a women and then when they were arrested, several other army officers barged in the police station and go them free, allegedly at, gunpoint. We all grow up learning how soldiers lay down their lives for this nation, to protect us, we all see Hindi films (at least we used to) with the hero always being the good guy, an upholder of law and order and most usually an honest policeman, truth, as they say is stranger than fiction and in this case much more brutal.

My fears reach an absolute high when I come to think what if this is allowed to continue, what if no man can trust any person remotely connected with law and order. What if I get stabbed one night while returning home from work and the police refuse to write an FIR. What if I am thrown out of the train when I object to someone smoking and two railway men walk pass me, as I lie on the tracks pleading for help, saying that their duty time was over. What if someone misbehaves with my wife and I get slapped by a policeman when I complain. These are not figments of my imagination people, these are real incidents that happened to real breathing bleeding people like ourselves. The only thing that you can thank, for you were not the one in their place, is your damn good luck, but luck runs out, it will one day. The writer only hopes that people learn to stand against injustice and protect their fellow citizens, for depending on those that protect has not really paid off, has it? The writer, a mutineer, is really very scared.