The Great Indian Mutiny had a fabulous year. We are getting new readers everyday and its increasing day by day. We are now in Top 100 blogs of India. Thus makes it thrilling and exciting for us. As we move forward we will raise more issues which are close to our hearts and relevant to all. In aspiring this we need your invaluable support, feedback, new ideas and tips. Please let us know your thoughts.

To celebrate 2006 we have compiled list of Top 15 posts here.

  1. India blogspot blackout, no ban
  2. Visa free travel for Indians
  3. Innocent, a mile high
  4. Miss Tibet 2006
  5. Munnabhai to wed Pakistani belly dancer
  6. Osama bin Laden shot dead in India
  7. Why can’t we do what Israel is doing?
  8. The Ten Most Dangerous Things Users Do O
  9. What does Munnabhai’s daughter look like
  10. Is this really the ‘Indian’ thing to do?
  11. Why I am an Atheist
  12. Sorry Angelina. You can’t!
  13. 12 days of christmas: the indian mix
  14. Miss Macaca is bikini queen
  15. Ye Mera India..

Enjoy and happy reading.