Saw this video recently on channel V. Hilarious !!

If you are an Indian and have any relatives living in New Jersy or Vancover or London, you can almost immediately relate to the accent. Lovely remake of the song 12 days of christmas. The lyrics are wonderfully creative. According to rojo, this song by the celebrated band boymongoose has been downloaded over 195,000 times. The song says that

“”On the twelfth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…”

* Twelve cricket ball tamperers
* Eleven syllable names
* Ten-minute yoga
* Nine telemarketers
* Eight Bollywood films
* Seven-11 workers
* Six IT graduates
* Five Indian games
* Four Hari Krishnas
* Three butter chickens
* Two nosy in-laws
* And a totally insufficient dowry”

The presence of six IT graduates and butter chicken make it so much Indian. Love the accent in which he sings telemarketers.

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