December 18th will go down as a highly contrasting day in the history of Indian judiciary. At one place of our country the accused Manu Sharma in  the jessica lal murder case was being convicted and at another our railway  minister was being acquitted of having disproportionate assets which if I am  correct were close to 50 lakhs, hmm I wonder if thats dispropotionate. The  CBI lost the case and so did Ram Jethmalani. Two more together with  manu Sharma have been accused of conspiracy.
Contrast indeed, as one case reaffirms the faith in Indian judiciary and offers  hope that some parts of this system still work, the other seems to reestablish  the truth that work or no work all machinery can be bent and manipulated.  They say when the bar breaks the cradle falls, Im not sure if it has fallen  today but Im not completely impressed with the way things have gone.

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