Computer Gaming has picked up phenominally in Indian in recent years. It provides to the player an almost complete experience of any sport or game. Gaming attracts people of all ages specifically because it is a good way to kill time and beat the stress at office. In schools and colleges it has become the new way of competing and establishing might. Currently there are four kinds of gaming options available, single player or multiplayer computer games for local area networks, online flash games, console games like playstation and mobile gaming. Although it is a nascent market in India, it is growing at a great pace, so much so that the Anil Dhirubhai Ambani group has invested 100mn$ on is being heavily advertised as a junction for online game lovers. Though it is not a new idea, zapak is much better than its previous competitors like yetisports and mousebreaker as it offers a large variety of games that are much more interactive.

The Reliance Communications group has a special interest in promoting gaming and that is its presence in three out of four of the gaming options. Reliance Webworlds, the cyber cafes and mobile service shops of Reliance, are excessively being used by youngsters for LAN parties and gaming competitions. R-World sevice offers a large number of games for mobiles. With the number of mobile phones increasing every day, mobile gaming is all set to beat all other options of gaming. Console games like Playstation and Xbox are still a very expensive option limited to the elite. This is where online gaming can prove to be a great addition to the office life of IT. Broadband networks in offices can be used to log on to these gaming portals for short breaks and as these sites have free games available it wouldnot cost to log onto these sites.

Several Indian companies are involved in making computer games for foreign markets. Dhruva Interactive recently received funding to work on developing India centric games. UTV recently acquired 51% stake in Indiagames, by far the biggest gaming company in India. Companies like mobile2win and tinfomobile have made their presence felt in the mobile gaming market. Developing Games is a highly specialized job and requires extra ordinary workforce. It thus becomes a celebrated option for a career in the IT market which is often considered to be a mildly talented field. As gaming picks on, several other computer accessories like screens, graphic cards, sound peripherals, lazer mouse and multimedia keyboards have also found a niche for themselves. Benq is quickly becoming the best option for a monitor meant for gaming, Logitech is increasing its sales of mice and other peripherals. Nvidia a graphics processors company recently developed the latest GeForce chip, made completely in India by their small 150 odd men team of Indians in Bangalore. With such a huge market for online and mobile entertainment, gaming is probably the next big thing in the IT scene of India and unlike service outsourcing, this will develop itself for consumtion in domestic market.