In a hard hitting editorial, Hindu says:

That it has taken the Prime Minister more than a year and a half to `study’ this report only to revert to his earlier prescription of `humane’ amendments reflects poorly on his Government’s concern for human rights and the rule of law.

What makes the Centre’s lethargy even more distressing is the fact that the Manipuri people’s movement against AFSPA has been a peaceful struggle.


The situation demands that AFSPA go lock stock and barrel, so that the non-accountability of the armed forces to the rule of law is ended and the people of the North East are invested with the same undiluted Right to Life that people elsewhere in India enjoy.

Long back, a Tamil poet asked his people “Wouldn’t people laugh if you buy a painting, bartering both your eyes?”; I guess, in a similar vein, the Government has to ask itself “Wouldn’t the world laugh, if we buy “peace” with a humane AFSPA?”. The question is of course rhetorical, and the emphatic answer is “No”.