Sanjay DuttOne of the few things I picked up at Sunday school at Church was, ‘Every Saint has a past and every sinner has a future.’

While some might argue that Sanjay Dutt aka Munnabhai has been let off by the courts, I think the verdict was just.

Sanjay Dutt is no OJ Simpson. He was caught red handed with the arms he bought from a terrorist. That seems to be the only wrong he has done. He spent 16 months in jail for causing much heartburn for his family.

Sanjay Dutt told TADA Judge P D Kode that the burden of his family had fallen on his shoulders after the death of his father late Sunil Dutt 18 months ago. “I have a young daughter aged 18 studying in New York and I am supporting her as her grandparents are old. Her future depends on me,” he said. Sanjay said his father had started a cancer foundation 23 years ago after the demise of his mother, actress Nargis Dutt, and now he had taken up the work.

The foundation is based in USA and Canada and it purchases equipment and sends them to India to help cancer patients who cannot afford the treatment. “I personally raised funds for the Prime Minister’s relief fund for Tsunami. I love the country and the people of the country. Please show mercy and leniency on me,” Sanjay told the judge.

Admitting he was slightly nervous, he told the court that he was in custody for 16 months prior to his release on bail in October 1995. “I was on bail for 11 years and there was no complaint of misuse of liberty when I traveled within the country and abroad. I abided by the conditions imposed by the court.”

Sanjay said he had no previous case pending against him.

He has learned his lesson and deserves a second chance. Doesn’t he?