Nirmal Shekhar tells how, as a nation, we have got our priorities wrong:

Surely, nobody died out there in Durban on the cricket field. But the deaths in Vidharbha and elsewhere in the country among farming communities caught in the trap of institutionalised deprivation are real.

It is time we got our priorities right.

And, it is time, too, that we realised that it is a folly to inhabit extremes when judging the national cricket team. For, no Indian team of recent years was ever as good (in world beating terms) as we imagined it was. It is just that we were victims of hype and our own wishful thinking.

On the other hand, no Indian cricket team was ever as abyssmally mediocre as we now believe Rahul Dravid’s side is in its South African sojourn.

The truth is somewhere in between — a territory most of us have never ventured into.

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