Anant GuptaI’m happy Naresh Gupta (Adobe India’s CEO) Anant is back with his family. But now there is news that they infact paid a ransom of 50 Lakhs (a little over $100,000) to secure his release. Both Naresh and the police say it was just a bait to catch the culprits. The man arrested is the son of a milk man next to his house in Noida.

Anant’s uncle Lalit Gupta told CNN-IBN later in the night that the family told the UP Police’s Special Task Force (STF) that they were paying Rs 50 lakh to the kidnappers and were confident that the authorities would recover the money later.

Is the police in UP so bad that they can’t capture an first time kidnapper? Has this set an example? How many more kidnappings are we going to see? Is it only when the media highlights them that we are going to see any results?

Naresh Gupta said he got five calls on Thursday warning him that if he doesn’t pay, they will cut his son into a thousand pieces and feed him to the dogs if they don’t get their money.

Even though I’m happy Anant is back, it’s sad if his family had to pay the ranson. The future looks bleak for kids growing up in Noida. UP police needs to get their act together. Read the details here and here.