The topic has been discussed over and over, in-and-out, but still, I would like to know the views on Inter-Cast/Religious marriage. I feel its high time that we end this divide. Those who oppose it, are not speaking for GOD, its because its hurting their big fat religious EGO.

This divide was in place when we were born, doesnt mean or force us to follow it. Should we allow one more generation to fall victim to this? Atleast somewhere we need to ignite the change. Then why not now??? Then why not with this generation???

There are many hindrances, I agree. You love a person and then cant be with them because religion is a barrior, its silly and sillier even, when you give the reason “I cant hurt my parents!!!”(the reply i got when i asked my friend about inter-religious marriage). Then you end up being with someone with agony in your mind. Years go by and you find yourself opposing such things. This time because of the fear of being ridiculed publicly. The result you push two more into the scum.

So open up!!! India is planning to put men on the Moon, its high time we end this stupidity which is much more simpler.