Ash RaiAishwarya Rai has landed in yet another controversy. A parcel containing 23,000 euros (Rs 14 lakh) has got Aishwarya under the scanner of the customs department. A parcel with Rai’s name mentioned on it as the receiver was sent to her residence. The packet contained electronic items that were declared to the custom authorities but also contained a small packet filled with currency note carefully tucked between other items.
“There were electronic goods like a DVD player, Nokia phone and other electronics which were declared. All that was fine but the packet containing the amounting was hidden between the goods. That is a major cause of concern,” Western Zone Commissioner, Customs department AK Prasad said.
While the package containing electronic items from Netherlands did not arouse much interest, customs officers say it was Rai’s name and address on the parcel, which got it a second look. Where it was found that the manner of packing was not exactly aboveboard. However Miss Rai can breathe easy for some time as no case has been filed against her so far but it seems she will have to fit in a meeting with the customs department in her busy schedule possibly within the next two weeks.
“We have given her time, she has been informed to come and record her side of the story,” custom commissioner AK Prasad said. While the whole matter may be the work of a deranged fan or from someone with a malicious intent, the possibility of Rai actually knowing the sender cannot be ruled out. However clear answers will emerge only after the customs completes its investigation.
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