They may be from the land of the Kamasutra, but Indian men last the least time in bed, from foreplay to the climax. This is one of the highlights of a global survey of more than 40,000 men in 43 countries on their sexual habits

The results of the survey have been unveiled by Men’s Health , the world’s largest men’s lifestyle magazine, in a special report “World’s Best Sex Right Here in India”. The findings can be read in the magazine’s November issue

I have no idea how they come up with these numbers (average number of minutes on foreplay??) and I definitely have no interest in finding out if any of this is true

What caught my eye was this line..

Compared to the worldwide average of 59 per cent, 73 per cent of Indian males admitted having a one-night stand

OK –  Maybe I’m being too naive here, but aren’t one night stands supposed to be a “western” concept? Can this really really be true? Maybe they thought it meant standing for hours on one nite (tongue in cheek 🙂 😉 )

As one professor used to tell me, statistics can prove anything.

Just maybe there was a slight exaggeration (I wouldn’t suggest that men would outrightly lie about these things 😀 )

Anyway, what was the purpose of this study? There is no way to prove statistical accuracy (short of putting cameras in people’s bedrooms which I am sure would not be approved)

For more, read this article in the Times of India