Intel CorpAs part of its “World Ahead” program Intel has just commissioned a state-of-the-art community computer center in Baramati, Maharashtra. AND . . . it has WiMAX to boot.

Intel will fit the center with specially designed “India PCs” that are made to withstand the constant powercuts, heat and dust in rural India. The PCs feature dust filters, auto-restore capabilities and can connect to car batteries for power.

Intel is also in the process of helping the government develop a tele-medicine program for the Baramati Tehsil hospital which could benefit thousands of poor farmers in rural heartland who just can’t afford the time to go to a hospital even for a routine checkup.

Intel Corp chairman Craig Barrett’s says,

Technology can expand what’s possible to create opportunities for the people of India. Through the World Ahead Program, we remain focused on accelerating access to technology, improving education, and increasing Internet connectivity.”

Oh wait . . . . . . you forgot something Mr. Barrett. Do you mean to say that the fact that the Indian government’s semi-conductor policy is topmost on the agenda and there are huge tax-breaks at hand if it is approved had nothing to do with it? And Baramati is the home constituency of the agriculture minister, Sharad Pawar, who can certainly wield his influence within the ruling coalition to get the bill through the Commies who are strongly against it.

What a lucky coincidence !

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