PC ThomasThe 2004 general election was special for my family and me. My uncle, PC Thomas, was fighting to retain the Muvattuphuzha constituency for the seventh time. We were up against the UDF (Mani’s son) and the Ismail of the CPI(M). Very few workers, not much money and a ‘hindutva’ tag for supporting the NDA government was not helping us.

But we fought back. Created history by defeating both fronts by 529 votes. I will never forget that number, the joy of winning an election is moving. The greater the odds, the greater the rush when you win. It seems like Ismail couldn’t stand his loss and filled a case against our victory. He accused us of using our religion to get votes. Filed a case and look like he has won…….. for the time being.

In a landmark judgement the court ruled that he had broken the law by appealing to the electorate to vote for him on religious grounds. It said this was because his election material at the time displayed pictures of Pope John Paul II.

For the record, we haven’t. We have never used our religion in our politics. If it were the case, why didn’t people vote for Jose K Mani? If the supreme court also feels that we used religion to win, we are prepared to go with it. Let us be made an example for using our religion to get votes. But be sure, we will around next election. We will be there watching all of you. Even the slightest use of religion by any one of you and we will take it to court.

More from me after the Supreme Court verdict. In the meantime, we will be praying, I hope that’s OK with Ismail?