Last month, Indians were very busy getting themselves new entries into the Guinness Book of World Records.

Recently, N Karthik of Bangalore created a Guinness record for performing the most number of concerts in 24 hrs. (More on N Karthik’s record )

Last week, about 7,951 folks mostly school children from Shillong drummed up a new world record for the largest drum ensemble (Read more here in The Telegraph

Earlier in the month, Madhya Pradesh entered the Book of World Records by having a record 3.3 million participate in the UN Millenium Programme Stand Up Against Poverty (Here’s more on that record)

So much record breaking has made the officials of the Guinness Book of World Records contemplate hiring a permanent adjudicator for the country.

Three cheers for all the record-breakers and here’s to breaking more and more records so that we can soon have the largest number of entries in the Guinness Book from one country !