Ever wondered why there are so many viruses, worms, trojans, inshort malware and all those ‘i hate it when it happens’ , stuff in your system. Have you ever said, “.. I have the latest virus update, the latest spam blocker, the latest popup blocker .. blah blah blah .. (the list never ends) .. but my system has viruses, i keep getting spams, i have obscene pop-ups once i connect to the net…”.

Its not the problem of the software, nor is the problem of the system, its the problem with the person using the system.

“…No matter how many times they are trained, no matter how many classes they hold, most IT professionals still watch helplessly as end users introduce new malware because they “just couldn’t resist looking at the attachment.”…”

So here is a list of The Ten Most Dangerous Things Users Do Online.

Ok .. i’m sorry .. i didnt realize that you are a soft person. Please dont read it. Let the System Security Companies make some big bucks through you. They also have a family to feed… 😆

Else here is one link where you can start with – Astalavista.com

From there see the link of Recomended Sites. Those are really good , some are very technical. These sites are written and updated by hackers. So dont worry. Just remember the Ten Commandments, said above.